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1. Weekly group attendance is mandatory. 

2. You must attend one group a week. It is recommended that you choose a group and attend that group regularly so as to build a consistent support network. 

3. After 6 months, group attendance may be decreased to twice a month. Remember, the relapse rate of those who attempt to stay clean without therapy is 90%.
4. Urine screens will be collected at each doctor visit and at each group session.
5. Bringing in urine or altering or diluting samples will result in immediate discharge.
6. All payments and co pays are due at the time of service.
7. No mind or mood altering drugs are allowed at any time throughout the treatment process. This includes alcohol!!
8. Patients will be subject to oversight through the Prescription Monitoring Program and will be
immediately discharged if other controlled substances are filled while in the program.

9. No Call No Show will result in immediate discharge from the program.
10. This office is under no obligation to provide a last script if discharged for breaking program rules.


Our program includes two DEA-registered, buprenorphine-waivered physicians, several therapists who specialize in addiction and a knowledgeable and caring support staff.

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